Sanskrit Immersion Retreat

An opportunity for the online Sanskrit saṅgha to meet and experience a mix of meditation, Sanskrit sounding, deeper philosophical elements and conversational Sanskrit. We will chant the 'Maheśvara Sūtra', the 'Mātṛkā', 'suptiṅantam padam', and the 'rāma' paradigm amongst others. 

Learn to read Sanskrit 

An online course ~ beginning 22nd September 2020

A unique opportunity to study the script of the Gods (devanāgarī) from the comfort of your own home. 

The study of Sanskrit can be a profound and revelatory experience. It is the language in which the ancient wisdom of India was composed in, and is the language of all the yogic texts.

The Sounds of Sanskrit

~the language of yoga

A course designed for yoga teachers and interested yoga students wanting to immerse themselves in the deeper aspects of yoga. 

Locations: Stroud & Exeter

The Sounds of Sanskrit

~ the language of yoga

Workshop on 8th February 13.00–18.00

6 Ways Yoga Studio ~ Cheltenham

A workshop for anyone interested in immersing themselves in the deeper aspects of yoga. Experience the yoga sūtras, the śiva sūtras and the 16 divine mothers. How do you pronounce the bīja mantraḥ, and what is the true significance of the mystical sound oṁ.

The Sounds of Sanskrit

~ the language of yoga (PART TWO)

A course for those who have completed 'The Sounds of Sanskrit ~ the language of yoga' part one. The purpose is to deepen, embody and expand upon everything learnt in part one. 

Locations: Exeter

Meditative Yoga Sutra retreat

Coming in 2020:

A meditative retreat, using chanting, meditation and silence to delve deep into this seminal work on yoga.